What is Medical Hypnosis?

In medical hypnosis, the client learns to use the mind to relax the body, and to use relaxation of the body to relax the mind.  The client will develop a natural and comfortable inward focus which allows the mind to become more actively engaged in the healing process.

What is Classical Homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy employs ultra dilutions of drugs to gently guide the body-mind of the person to a state of higher health. The remedies are prescribed according to a highly individualized format based on a special homeopathic anamnesis and assessment.

What is Personalized Medical Research?

Living in the information age opens many exciting channels for research and treatment.  Personalized Medical Research performed by Dr. Lansky is directed to discovering potentially promising new scientific discoveries in the breaking medical literature that may help guide integrative medical treatment in diverse medical scenarios.  The use of potential herbal and dietary solutions for specific problems is emphasized, along with other new developments in life-affirming, natural therapeutics.

What is Dreamwork?

Dreamwork is an exercise system for working with dream material.  It is not dream interpretation per se, but a means for facilitating inward integration of dreams.  Working together, guide and client facilitate the unleashing of the dream’s health promoting power in consciousness and in life.  Active imagination and related techniques help to facilitate this process.